Thursday, September 20, 2012

baa baa black sheep

Not quite doubled but we were up from 3 to 5. We had a blessed meeting yesterday round Jessica's kitchen table.

It was with a heavy and weary heart that I drove yesterday.  I was so not in the mood for Bible Study.  Frustration and cares of the world weighing me down. As I turned onto her street the heavens opened and then rains poured down! Isn't that fitting, I thought snidely.  It would start pouring as soon as I got there.  Hearing me arrive Jess had the door flung wide by the time I trudged there.  Stepping into her cheerful living room I felt my weariness melting away.... I smiled and joked about seeing the dark skies over her house as I drove.  But inside I could certainly see the light that comes from gathering in Christ's presence.

Soon our gathered coffee in hand around the table, sharing our hearts.  Each it seemed had a burden.  Lifting each other with encouragement and then in prayer. I love these girls and our little group so much. <3

I shared this blog entry about balance, from The Better Mom site.  I just got in my inbox just before I headed out for study.  Seemed appropriate!  Pop on over and check it out. :)

On to our study...Chapter two... Bummer Lambs and Black Sheep

This just maybe one of my favorite chapters in the whole book.  In case you are not familiar with the term, a bummer lamb is a lamb that has been rejected by the mother.  Like in the case when a sheep has multiple offspring  and can not produce enough milk.  The ewe will choose to feed some and reject others. In the spiritual sense, we are all bummer lambs.
Then there are black sheep, the ones who choose to walk away from the Good Shepard.  Maybe you have recently chosen to go your own way; you are tired of waiting on God.  Rebellion has taken a grip on your heart, and you can't seem to find your way back because your aren't sure if you deserve His grace.  (pp 173)

  •  Do you identify most with the bummer lamb or the black sheep?
 Just as sll of us qualify in some ways as bummer lambs, so all of us qualify in all ways as what we call black sheep.  But your sin-- no matter how dark a stain you think it has left-- can never keep you apart from God.  Only your stubborn will can do that. (pp 19 emphasis added)
 He brought me out into a spacious place;
    he rescued me because he delighted in me.
Psalm 18:19 NIV

  •  Write down the benefits if bring a bummer lamb shared in the chapter.
"All to often , these needy vulnerable, precious lambs simply die.  Their little spirits break and they give up the will to live.  The ones who do survive--- the ones who find the strength to overcome their mothers rejection-- are the ones who get taken in and cared for by the shepherd.
......bummer labs are in fact the most blessed of all the sheep in the pasture because they are the most personally and intimately cared for by the shepherd.  They develop a kind of relationship with the shepherd that the other sheep can't even dream of.  they experience a love that far surpasses anything the pasture and sometimes fickle ewe have to offer.
When a shepherd calls to the flock, guess who run to him first?
(pp 15)
 Read John 10:1-21
  • Write our some of the roles of the shepherd mentioned in the txt.
    1. he calls them by name
    2. he loves and cares for them all
    3. he acts as the gate
  • Why is trust in the Good Shepherd for the bummer labs and black sheep essential?
    We have to trust that Jesus can and will see us through to the other side.  Certianly sometimes the shepherd has to take the sheep though some scary places in order to get to the good things on the other side.
  • Name some tangible blocks in your mind, heart and personal history that keep you from trusting fully that Jesus can carry you to safe pastures.
    1. cares of the world
    2. pride
I love this part...
The more time we spend with our Good Shepherd, the more we will hear His voice that says,  "I love you as you are and you belong to Me." 

Next week Magda's :) And we have our shoe box and will collecting goodies for as many boxes as we can fill between now and November for Operation Christmas Child.

And so far at least three of our number are taking part in the CROP walk. :) Join us in walking or donate to the cause here.

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